Tracy believes that "Everyone should have an equal opportunity to have a great life 
and this therapy might just equal the playing field."

About Tracy: 

Tracy has been practicing psychotherapy for over ten years and worked with this population for over 15 years with teaching and coaching clients. She had developed a new therapy called "Balanced Focus Method" that is very different from traditional psychotherapy. This type of therapy involves repetitive somatic mirroring and organizational strategies that with time encodes the nervous system with missing instructions on how to regulate. Most patients that have a form of cognitive impairment have a chaotic (fast moving) nervous system that is the culprit for many of the psychological symptoms that appear. It is a Neurological dis-regulation causing psychological symptoms. Tracy created this therapy out of her frustration with low success rates with neurological conditions using current psychotherapy approaches.

She has observed increased cognition, focus, attention, memory and internal regulation that doesn't seem to exist in the field today. Clients have reported significant inner control of emotion, impulsiveness, overwhelm of thoughts and more. She will introduce this therapy as a new rehabilitative therapy that will dramatically improve current treatment options. She is in the process of creating training programs and a book to launch this new therapy to the field of psychology and rehabilitation. 

On her off time, she loves the arts such as theater, music, and museums, and being with her close friends. She loves music, animals and the outdoors. She is an artist and enjoys mosaics, painting and recently working with embossing metal. She is currently writing a training program for her therapy and attending graduate school at Argosy University for her masters.  

Disclaimer: Research studies are in planning to document therapy outcomes.  

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Balanced Focus Counseling
Together we can balance your life!
Balanced Focus Counseling
(Mild/Moderate Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury, General Cognitive impairment)
(Adults, Children 10+, Students, Seniors, Adolescents, Professionals)

Tracy Weegmann 
Psychotherapist, Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS), Certified Attention Coach