Non-Linear Brains in a Linear world

​Non-linear thinkers with cognitive impairment (ADHD, LD, Gifted, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.) have a ton of thoughts in our heads all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The intensity will vary depending on if there is an injury, stress or trigger that can set off the spinning funnel in our head. This noise never stops, but on occasion, it will slow down if we get to rest, eat, and don't deplete our energy reserves. Most of the time, we are exhausted from managing the outer linear worlds expectations and try to remember and not drop anything. We live on chronic levels of fear, anxiety, and exhaustion. We look normal and are often judged by society as being lazy or not applying ourselves. 

These random racing thoughts are known as associations which connect to the original idea. Our brains immediately race to the next association which can be endless. Our heads can fill up and go on overwhelm which is a non-thinking state. Our frontal lobes freeze and stop processing data. These thoughts impair us from engaging the world around us. The key is to harness and balance the intensity of the thoughts and keep the brilliance of your creative non-linear thinking. I will teach you strategies to bring down the noise and balance your thoughts.

Below is an example of a normal person brain and what our brain looks like: 

The diagram shows a Red Corvette with Linear thinkers observing with basic thoughts (what I call first level thoughts) noticing a 1968 classic car being a red Corvette. They will notice the body, color, rims, interior, tires, etc.

Non-linear thinkers will see the same thing, but when we see a red Corvette, red barn, grandpa's red barn, he had lambs on the farm, Iceland has lambs, Iceland is cold, Cold beer etc. Our thoughts go up to level 100. (Ouch!)  

No wonder you struggle so much! You have a lot going on inside!

(Our Brains)  Non-linear Thinkers
Linear or Neuro-typicals (Normies)
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